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The movie will not release until Middle-East achieves peace
ملک سلیمان تا به آرامش رسیدن خاورمیانه اکران نخواهد شد


Solomon Wallpaper

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A new wallpaper for 'The kingdom of Solomon' that is going to be screened international
یک عکس پس زمینه برای فیلم ملک سلیمان نبی که قرار است به زودی اکران جهانی شود.


Click on image to see it in original size
برای مشاهده در اندازه اصلی روی عکس کلیک کنید

International release

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Soon International Release
اکران جهانی ملک سلیمان در آینده نزدیک

The Iranian religious-themed blockbuster 'The Kingdom of Solomon' directed by Shahriar Bahrani will have its international release in Asian countries and Latin America in the near future.

"The film will hit theaters of several countries including Turkey and Brazil this spring" Producer Mojtaba Faravardeh told the Persian service of MehrNewsAgency.
He said that they plan to make the second part of the film, which depicts slices from the life of Prophet Solomon (AS) but yet, they have not settled on an exact date for starting production.

The big-budget 'The Kingdom of Solomon' is produced by the Farabi Cinema Foundation and features the life of Prophet Solomon (AS) based on narrations from the Holy Quran.

29th Fajr Opening Ceremony

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The 29th Fajr Film Festival Opening Ceremony
مراسم افتتاحیه بیست و نهمین جشنواره فیلم فجر

بزرگداشت شهریار بحرانی کارگردان ملک سلیمان
Shahriar Bahrani director of "The kingdom of Solomon"

بزرگداشت مهدی فقیه بازگر ملک سلیمان
Mahdi Faghih actor of the film

مجید صباغ بهروز نفر دوم بخش عکس صحنه برای فیلم ملک سلیمان
Majid Sabagh Behrooz awarded for second best Movie Photo

علی فرآورده برگزیده بخش گرافیک محیطی فیلم ملک سلیمان
Ali Faravardeh awarded for best Environmental Graphic

Solomon on DVD

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The kingdom of Solomon will release soon on 9 gigabyte DVDs with High-Definition quality in Iran. This will be the original version in Persian language. More news about compact disks and its other products coming up on official website http://kingdomofsolomon.com

Advertising Products

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Official website of Fajr film festival announced the nominees of the advertising and information materials and products. Nominees for the film "The Kingdom of Solomon" are as below:

Movie Photo Section: Majid Sabagh Behrooz
Behind the scenes photos section: Majid Sabagh Behrooz
Environmental Graphic Section:
Seyed Mohammad Javad Ghassemi (Vertical Billboard for The Kingdom of Solomon)
Ali Faravardeh (Cinema Entrance for The Kingdom of Solomon)

Awards of the bests in each part by Ahmad Nateghi's head judging will be given in the opening ceremony of the festival that is held on February 5- 15, 2011.


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A new wallpaper designed by another fan, Sajjad Abdolhoseini
پس زمینه ای زیبا با طراحی یکی دیگر از هواداران ملک سلیمان، سجاد عبدالحسینی

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