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Mar 18, 2010
Interview of Fars NA with Shahriar Bahrani
According to Fars News Agency, In 'The kingdom of Solomon' movie separated from visual effects and some faults maybe in it (For example the similarity of half-hidden jinns and the dark smoke of 'Lost' series), there are some content misgivings too. In an interview that Mohammad Hosein Kalhor had with director of the film, he asked about some of these misgivings and Shahriar Bahrani answered him.
MK: Mohammad Kalhor --- SB: Shahriar Bahrani

MK: One of the most faults that are correct about your film is being not enough religious in imaging. Means if we omit Solomon's narrations from the film, we're watching just a historical product with Hollywood theme (with lower quality). Are you agree with this comment?
SB: We tried to show these subjects with Prophet Solomon's behavior and to show divine matters with no motto, indirectly. The screenplay of 'The kingdom of Solomon' is conceptual and is base on Gods storytelling in the Holy Quran.

MK: The main goal of making a religious product is to inspire religion to the audience but unfortunately, in 'The kingdom of Solomon', watcher in some sequences remembers the Islamic events. For example repeating the word "Call your God" by Solomon and "I cannot" by the leader of the jenny city is just like "Read the name of your God" by Gabriel the angel and "I don't know reading" by Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). On the other hand, showing bible to Jerusalem soldiers by Opposition Leader and saying "Are you going to fight with the Bible?" is just like Putting Quran at Javelins in Saffain Battle.
SB: Are Islamic teachings against previous Prophets' teachings?

MK: It is correct that religion was just one from Adam to Mohammad (Peace be upon them) but the events are not always similar, are they?
SB: We have in traditions that what ever happened to tribes of Israel will step by step happen to Islamic Ommah. All that happenings for Israel is seen in Islam history and will be seen completely. All previous religions had Islamic teachings but less of it. Prophet Mohammad completed them all. In reality followers of previous religions are Muslims too and it is mentioned in Quran. Some people make this fault for us that "why did you made a film about Israel prophet?" We answer them Who said that they are just Israeli?! We are heirs of Prophets and prophets of Israel were prophets of Islam too.

MK: There are some misgivings about making the flying ship. We watched in the film that God gave Solomon the power of controlling over wind. If he had this ability then what is the need of pulling ships to the beach with that kind of pains and troubles? Why did not Solomon use his ability to bring them to the seaside? In addition, why did they stick ships together? Could not he fly them separately?
SB: We have in traditions that what he flied with was made from wood. Solomon made it and rode on it with his soldiers and then wind moved it. Means that it is not like this that God should do everything for us. As we say in Persian "You just move, God will help", So Prophet Solomon should do some of works himself.

MK: During the fly of the ships< did you include the physical realities? Because that great whirlwind would make Tsunami. In addition, when ships are going to Jerusalem, they are with high speed and full of sands and with frightening shape, but these ships at the end of the film- over clouds with lack of atmosphere pressure and less oxygen- moved slowly. How can you answer these contradictions?
SB: We can find out from Quran words that Solomon had various kinds of winds. On of them was speedy like whirlwind and another was slow and he used them depended on his request. About flying over clouds, scholars said that he traveled everywhere.

MK: One of strange scenes was the landing of the ship in Jerusalem. This event was so incredible and unbelievable that everyone stopped war and astonished watched the ship. In this situation that they were ready to repent, was not it better for Solomon to preach for them and make them repent? But with no word, he took off from the ship and killed them. Is it acceptable from a leader that his massage is nothing but guiding human beings?
SB: For tribes of Israel, this miracle was not so big to make everyone believer. In historical narrations, it is mentioned that tribes of Israel watched many miracles but they did not accept most of them and they did not believe in them.

MK: was not it more valuable to test that he would first preach and then kill? Completely opposite from what you showed in the film that he first killed and then we heard his narrates that is feeling pity for killed Israelites.
SB: But he faced with revolutionists' attack before preaching.

MK: It is correct but that was before the landing of the ships.
SB: The Prophet is like this.

MK: Do you mean that Solomon was a Warlike Prophet?
SB: YES! He is a prophet that God chooses him for events happened just onetime that is fighting with Jinn and Satan to control the enemies of humanity. In this story, Jews did not follow Solomon and they all became infidel too. In second and third parts, we will show this. All tribes of Israel became infidel that God exonerated Solomon and said: "Solomon did not become infidel…" (Quran-S2-A102). Although Solomon had control over Jinns and Satans and had many other miracles, tribes of Israel did not believe him. They were like this and because of their behaviors; we imaged them like this in the film.

MK: At the end of the film, a light appeared in the sky and one of the film characters named it "The ILIA's Light". Did you mean Imam Ali from Ilia?
SB: Yes. In many traditions, Imam Ali said: "I was the teacher of Prophets in hidden". And there is Stone Tablet and poems from Prophets David and Solomon tell us that King Solomon was trained by Ali (pbuh).

MK: Inshallah, when can we wait for producing and screening of the second part?
SB: We did not start, yet. Let us rest (laughing).

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